Temporomandibular joint dysfunction causes pain, noises when opening and closing jaw, difficulty and/or exhaustion of the jaw with basic movements. Pain and discomfort can be felt in the jaw joint and surrounding tissue.


Causes of TMJ Dysfunction

Some known causes as stated by the TMJ Association are:

  • autoimmune diseases (in which the body’s immune cells attack healthy tissue)
  • infections
  • injuries to the jaw area
  • dental procedures (even prolonged mouth opening)
  • insertion of a breathing tube before surgery.
  • various forms of arthritis



Massage can definitely help to alleviate the pain. Massage is a conservative modality that is a great resource before (temporary) steroid injections or even more permanent surgical procedures have been recommended. With a dedicated treatment regimen many clients have felt enough relief from massage to defer other treatment option and manage pain levels with significantly less to little or no pain.