Sports Massage

Sports Massage Therapy is a combination of therapeutic massage strokes and techniques combined with specific assisted stretching techniques geared to loosen injured or bound up muscles and ligaments and to  increase an athletes performance capabilities. Utilization of Sports Massage Therapy is determined by the specific needs of the client. Basic history, musculoskeletal evaluations, orthopedic assessments, and flexibility analysis determine if this is the correct modality for treatment of the condition(s) presented. The goal of the therapist is to effectively reduce pain, improve mobility and prevent future injuries. This therapeutic approach consists of the therapist and client working together to correct behaviors or lifestyle choices to balance the body as a whole

Benefits of Sports Massage:

  • Improvement of Circulation
  • Reduces Muscle Tension
  • Reduces Swelling
  • Aids in Lymphatic Drainage
  • Decreases Muscle Fatigue
  • Aids in Preventing Muscular Spasm
  • Accelerates Recovery from Training & Competition
  • Increases Flexibility and Range of Motion (ROM)
  • Aids in the Healing of Acute Injuries so that they do not become a source of repetitive aggravation
  • Breaks down Scar Tissue and Adhesions which lead to improper muscular function
  • And much more…

How is Sports Massage treatment different from a basic massage treatment?

Similar to other massage techniques, Sports Massage Therapy address the muscle bellies, but they also go to work with the entire length of the muscle from origin to insertion. Instead of a general approach, Sports Massage identifies postural and biomechanical distortions that are involved with pain patterns. These systems also go on to strategically manipulate specific soft tissue components to facilitate structural change and balance.

Like the other modalities, the lifestyle of the client between therapeutic sessions is extremely important. The body needs to be properly rested, nourished and hydrated considering the extreme physical activities the body is asked to perform as an active athlete. If adhered to the recommended regimen, healing of the body will be successful.