Neck Pain & Whiplash

Pain in the cervical (neck) area is one of the most common ailments suffered by many people. Pain can range from slightly dull and annoying to debilitating and extremely painful. Symptoms can be felt in the neck, through the upper back into shoulders and upper chest areas. Muscles if treated effectively can heal on their own or remain injured for years left untreated.


There are many causes for neck pain. In society today, with people bent unnaturally over their cell phones, and computers pain may occur. Pain following an accident in which the cervical region is aggressively overstretch resulting in what we know as “whiplash” can cause severe pain for a lifetime if untreated in many instances. Stress, poor body mechanics and overuse of the cervical muscle may also contribute to pain.

How Will Massage Help

Massage can definitely help to alleviate the pain. Massage is a conservative modality that is a great resource before (temporary) steroid injections or even more permanent surgical procedures have been recommended. With a dedicated treatment regimen many clients have felt enough relief from massage to defer other treatment option and manage pain levels with significantly less to little or no pain.