Any derivative of pain radiating from your hip down the side of your leg through the knee is commonly known as IT Band pain. Pain may occur the full length of the upper leg or partial from thigh to knee.


Pain and inflammation of the IT Band is often caused by activities and overuse in which you bend your knee repeatedly, like running, cycling, hiking, and walking long distances. Commonly, mechanical issues with poor flexibility and decreased strength in the quadriceps muscles of the thigh can contribute to the inflammation. Other factors such as leg length discrepancy, an abnormal pelvic tilt, and “bowlegs” may cause iliotibial band syndrome because of excess stretching of the IT band across the femoral condyle.


Massage can definitely help to alleviate the pain. Massage is a conservative modality that is a great resource before (temporary) steroid injections or even more permanent surgical procedures have been recommended. With a dedicated treatment regimen many clients have felt enough relief from massage to defer other treatment option and manage pain levels with significantly less to little or no pain.